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DPR Marks 30 Years of Protecting People and the Environment (1991-2021)

What We Do To Achieve Our Mission

Environmental Monitoring for Pesticide Residues

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Pest Management (IPM)

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Meet Team Members Here Since the Beginning

Photograph of Tom Moore

Over the last 30 years, DPR has maintained its professionalism in the face of persistent challenges. That can be attributed to the talent and diversity of the staff brought on board over the years. Our branch has scientists from many areas of the globe where once it was largely limited to parts of this country. This diversity draws upon a deep well of talent that can address new challenges presented by technologically advanced chemistries employed in pesticide development.

Tom Moore, Staff Toxicologist, DPR employee for 30 years
Photograph of Martha Sanchez

I consider myself lucky to continue to be part of the development of new regulations, with the goal of protecting workers and communities. The biggest change I have seen over the past few years, let alone the last 30 years, is how DPR invites stakeholders and community members to the table to be a part of the pesticide regulatory process. They are the experts in what is happening where they live and work. It's inspiring to listen to community members' testimonies and concerns. I'm so proud to call DPR my second home.

Martha Sánchez, Environmental Justice Liaison, DPR employee for 30 years

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