Economic Analysis of Integrated Pest Management in the Production of California Bedding and Container Plants

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Principal Investigator: Daniel A. Sumner (PI) and William A. Matthews, University of California, Davis, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Agricultural Issues Center

Timespan: April 1, 2011 – April 15, 2013

Amount: $43,453.27

DPR Contract Manager: Kimberly Steinmann

The bedding and container color plant industry produces bedding plants for outdoor use and container color plants which are used for either indoor or outdoor decoration. This is a large industry in California and accounts for a significant portion of the $3.7 billion in value generated by the California greenhouse and nursery industry in 2012. Unlike conventional crop production where a few varieties may be grown, producers in this industry can have upwards of 100 species and several hundred varieties of product growing in their facilities year round. Not every producer grows the same plant mix, although there are some plant species common to every grower. The common arthropod, disease, and weed pests occur on all plant species grown.

This report used the results from the IPM Bedding and Container Color Plant Alliance demonstrations to estimate costs of each demonstration trial conducted. Estimates were extrapolated to one acre of commercial plant production within a greenhouse.

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