Alliance Grants Program

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The Department of Pesticide Regulation’s (DPR's) Alliance Grants Program provides funding for projects that increase the implementation and adoption of proven and effective integrated pest management (IPM) practices that reduce pesticide impacts on public health and the environment. An Alliance Team of members representing state, local, public, private, educational, and other stakeholders is a required component of these projects.

Application Process and Current Status

The Pest Management Alliance Grants Program has a two-step application process. In Step 1, applicants will complete and submit a Concept Application that will be reviewed by DPR staff to determine if the applicant meets all eligibility requirements (as defined in the Solicitation). In Step 2, eligible applicants will be invited to complete and submit a Proposal Application that will be reviewed by DPR staff and the Pest Management Advisory Committee (PMAC). DPR’s Director will consider the recommendations of DPR staff and PMAC when selecting projects for funding.

The 2021 Alliance Grants Solicitation period is now closed. The 2022 Alliance Grants Solicitation period will open in Winter 2021.

Funded Pest Management Alliance Grants (2007-present)

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