2024 Alliance Grants Proposal Application Materials

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The California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s (DPR) Alliance Grants solicitation period is now open. Proposal applications will be accepted through January 18, 2024 to the department’s Pest Management Grants Program email address at DPRpmGrants.Solicitation@cdpr.ca.gov.

The Proposal Application Package consists of the following documents:

Completed proposal applications should contain all the required documents listed below. Optional documents may be included as needed to support the proposal application. Submit the documents as follows:

  • Submit the following as a combined single PDF.
    • Completed Alliance Grant Proposal Application Form, including:
    • Completed Section 1: Project Information;
    • Completed Section 2: Alliance Grant Proposal Application Questions (Note: Answers to Questions 1 – 4 should not exceed one page each, for a total of four pages.); and
    • Completed Section 3: Scope of Work and Budget.
    • Letters of support from expected beneficiaries of the IPM systems or practices and from others who can attest to the quality or effectiveness of the applicant’s similar work.
    • Curriculum vitae or resumes of principal investigators (PIs) and key personnel. (Note: curriculum vitae or resumes should not exceed three pages for each individual.)
    • A list of active ingredients that will likely be affected if the proposed IPM systems or practices are adopted.
    • A list of active ingredients proposed to be used during the course of the project (if applicable).
    • (OPTIONAL) Illustrative graphics that enhance the application (e.g. flow charts).
  • Submit the key cited documents as a combined single PDF.
    • Full-text versions of up to five key cited documents that document the effective, proven, and affordable IPM systems or practices that your project will build upon.
  • Submit the Scope of Work and Budget Information section of the proposal application form as an additional Microsoft Word Document.
    • Word file of Scope of Work and Budget
  • Submit the Budget Tables Worksheet and any needed Subaward Budget Tables Worksheets as Microsoft Excel Worksheets.
    • Budget Tables Worksheet containing completed calculations for all applicable budget categories in the composite budget.
    • Subaward Budget Tables Worksheets containing completed calculations for all applicable budget categories for each subcontractor or subrecipient (if applicable).

Informational Videos

DPR staff have produced recorded videos on topics to assist applicants in successfully applying to our Grants Programs. These videos are available on YouTube and include sessions devoted to the following topics:

If after reviewing these videos you have any further questions, contact DPR staff at DPRpmGrants.Solicitation@cdpr.ca.gov or consider scheduling an "office hour" with DPR staff to review specific questions. For more information on office hours, see below.

DPR-Hosted Office Hours

This year, DPR’s Grants Program is hosting "office hours" for potential applicants to be able to reserve 30-minute appointments to discuss various aspects of the Research and Alliance Grants Program proposal applications. Please note that discussion may not focus on any of the criteria or aspects that are competitively ranked by DPR staff and Pest Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) members when reviewing and ranking proposal applications. For example, DPR staff will be unable to provide guidance on topics such as choice of proposal topic, quality of ideas, or experimental plans. A list of competitively ranked criteria can be found in the "Ranking Considerations for Reviewers" section of the solicitation. These "office hour" appointments are intended to assist applicants with the more complex sections of the proposal application such as the budget and budget justification.

For information on competitively ranked criteria that will not be able to be addressed in "office hours" appointments, please consider reviewing the Alliance Grants Guidance Document, or the recorded applicant assistance informational videos described above.

To sign up for a 30-minute appointment, use the 2024 DPR Grants Program "Office Hours" form. Note that when requesting a scheduled appointment during "office hours," you will be prompted to include a specific set of questions or topics for discussion.

To maximize your appointment time, DPR staff highly recommend that you complete the sections of the proposal application for the Research Grants or Alliance Grants Program that you want to discuss in advance to the best of your ability, including the required Excel spreadsheet for budget calculations.

For questions, please contact:
Andy Nguyen
1001 I Street, P.O. Box 4015
Sacramento, CA 95812-4015
E-mail: Andy.Nguyen@cdpr.ca.gov