Pest Management Alliance Grants Awarded 2014

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Project Summaries

IPM Focus on Multi-Unit Housing
Sponsor: Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA)
Principal Investigator: Geoff Brosseau
Amount Requested: $199,927

This project seeks to reduce pesticide use inside and outside multi-unit housing by targeting outreach to pest management professionals (PMPs), building owners and managers, maintenance staff, tenants, architects and developers, and planning departments. The project will develop IPM practices for multi-unit residential buildings and provide training to building owners and managers, maintenance staff, and tenants. The project will also outreach to architects, developers, and municipal planning departments using Pest Prevention by Design Guidelines, developed by San Francisco Department of the Environment, to help prevent pest problems through better building design. The project will also work with trade associations to develop IPM-based continuing education (CE) focused on multi-unit housing for PMPs.

Media contact: Geoff Brosseau, Executive Director, (510) 622-2326,

Developing an IPM Program to Reduce the Exposure to Pesticides for Young Children in Family Child Care Homes in California
Sponsor: University of California, San Francisco
Principal Investigator: Abbey Alkon
Amount Requested: $179,973

The goal of this project is to develop an IPM program specifically for family child care homes (FCCHs) in order to address potential pesticide exposure of young children receiving care in these settings. FCCHs are not covered by the Healthy Schools Act and are therefore not required to use IPM practices. The project aims to identify needs of FCCH directors and develop an IPM program based on materials developed for child care centers through a 2008 Pest Management Alliance Grant. The program will include an IPM toolkit with information sheets, IPM checklist, and presentation materials. The project will then evaluate the IPM program in 21 FCCHs in three regions and work with the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network to disseminate the IPM toolkit through trainings, websites, newsletters, and emails, to every licensed FCCH in California.

Media contact: Scott Maier, Senior Public Information Representative, (415) 476-3595,

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