Funded Pest Management Alliance Grants (2017 - 2019)

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Due to budget constraints, funding for Pest Management Alliance Grants was not available beginning in fiscal year 2002/2003. Funding resumed in 2007/2008. The reinstated program refined its scope and made $400,000 available each year, funding up to three projects to be conducted over three years.

Link to Project Summary Organization/Project Lead Award Year Project Type Award Amount
Expanding IPM Adoption Among Affordable Housing Providers Regional Asthma Management & Prevention
Anne Kelsey Lamb
2019-2022 Urban $172,500
Dissemination and Training for Citrus Spray Application Expert System Adoption in California UC ANR (Agriculture & Natural Resources)
Peter Ako Larbi
2019-2022 Ag $194,591
Increasing Adoption of IPM Practices that Use Beneficial Birds as Pest Control and Manage Pest Birds in Crop Production Wild Farm Alliance
Jo Ann Baumgartner
2018-2021 Ag $112,513
BMPs for Non-Herbicide Approaches to Invasive Plant Management in Wildlands California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC)
Jutta Burger
2018-2021 Ag $194,765
Bed Bug IPM Education to Support Multi-unit Housing University of California Cooperative Extension – Alameda County
Andrew Sutherland
2018-2021 Urban $59,593
Restricted Pesticide Use Notification Near Schools Agricultural Commissioner's Office, Monterey County
Heather Healy
2017-2020 Urban - Ag $94,240
Training California's pesticide applicators to reduce drift near schools Central Sierra Cooperative Extension (UC ANR)
Lynn Wunderlich
2017-2020 Urban - Ag $218,896
California Alliance for Tamarisk Biocontrol UC, Santa Barbara Marine Science Institute
Thomas Dudley
2016-2019 Riparian $188,043
Demonstration and Implementation of IPM in Almonds UC Cooperative Extension, Kern County
David Haviland
2016-2019 Ag $203,646
Completing the knowledge cycle: Deriving IPM knowledge directly from practitioners on working landscapes UC, Davis
Elise Gornish
2015-2018 Rangeland $199,414
Area-wide integrated pest management program for Virginia creeper leafhoppers (Erythroneura ziczac) in North Coast vineyards UC, Berkeley
Kent Daane
2015-2018 Ag $191,038
IPM Focus on Multi-Unit Housing BASMAA
Geoff Brosseau
2014-2017 Urban $199,927
Developing an IPM Program to Reduce the Exposure to Pesticides for Young Children in Family Child Care Homes in California UC San Francisco

Abbey Alkon
2014-2017 Urban $179,973
Facilitation of the Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation Pre-Plant Soil Treatment, PDF (329 kb) Farm Fuel Inc.

Stefanie Bourcier
2013-2016 Ag $247,850
Field Edge Plantings for Pesticide Reduction and Enhanced Biodiversity on Farmlands, PDF (278 kb) UC Cooperative
Rachael Long
2013-2016 Ag $123,015
IPM Training Resources for California Pest Management Professionals Working in Early Care & Education Facilities UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

Asa Bradman
2012-2015 Urban $200,481
Expanding IPM Education to Southern California Spanish-speaking Landscapers UC Cooperative Extension, Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Janet Hartin
2012-2015 Urban $124,611
Got Ants? Outreach to Reduce Risks from Pyrethroids to the Environment & Water Quality Association of Bay Area Governments, San Francisco Estuary Partnership Division

Athena Honore
2011-2014 Urban $200,000
Green Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting: A Toolkit for Early Care & Education UC San Francisco

Victoria Leonard
2011-2014 Urban $199,966
Pesticide-Free Park & Demonstration Gardens at Guadalupe River Park City of San Jose
James Downing,
Sanhita Ghosal &
Sandra Freitas
2010-2013 Urban $200,000
IPM Advocates for Retail Stores Bay Area Stormwater
Management Agencies
Association (BASMAA)
Geoff Brosseau
2010-2013 Urban $170,000
Healthy Homes Alliance Physicians for Social
Responsibility, Los Angeles
Martha Dina Arguello
2009-2012 Ag $200,000
Demonstration & Implementation of IPM in Bedding & Container Color Plant Production UC Davis
Michael Parrella
2009-2012 Ag $139,000
IPM Continuing Education for Maintenance Gardeners San Luis Obispo County Ag
Commissioner's Office
Tamara Kleemann
2009-2012 Urban $61,000
Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems (BIOS) for Canning Peaches UC Riverside
Marshall Johnson
2008-2011 Ag $195,000
IPM Curriculum for Urban Child Care Programs UC San Francisco
Abbey Alkon
2008-2011 Urban $215,000
Management of Pesticide Runoff in San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta & San Joaquin County Waterways San Joaquin Co. Resource
Conservation District
Mike Wackman
2008-2011 Urban $175,000
Almond PMA II Community Alliance with
Family Farmers (CAFF)
Marcia Gibbs
2007-2010 Ag $217,860
California Grape Alliance California Sustainable
Winegrowing Alliance
Joe Browde
2007-2010 Ag $183,640
Urban Pest Ant Management UC Riverside
Michael Rust
2007-2010 Urban $183,488

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