Funded Pest Management Alliance Grants (2007 - present)

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Funded Pest Management Alliance Grants (2007 - present)
Link to Project Summary Organization/Project Lead Award Year Project Type Award Amount

Demonstration and Implementation of Cost-Effective UV-C Technology for California Strawberry Pest Management

Cal Poly Corporation

Gerald Holmes
2022 Ag $341,023

Healthy Homes in South Los Angeles

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation

Nancy Ibrahim
2022 Urban $627,143

Using Integrated Pest Management Methods to Create Strong and Sustainable Shorelines on Clear Lake, CA

Lake County Watershed Protection District

Angela De Palma-Dow
2022 Urban/Wildlands $346,970

Mainstreaming Effective Herbicide Calibration for Wildland Weed Work

California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC)

Jutta Burger
2022 Wildlands $159,493

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Adoption: Promoting Insect Pest Suppression and Pesticide Reduction Through the Use of Natural Enemy Habitat

Wild Farm Alliance

Jo Ann Baumgartner
2022 Ag $196,064

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Herbicide-Based Approaches to Invasive Plant Management

California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC)

Jutta Burger
2021 Wildlands $289,318

Promoting Small Farm Use of Navel Orangeworm Mating Disruption Using Online Mapping and Neighborhood Management

Almond Board of California (ABC)

Jesse Roseman
2021 Ag $120,373

Fostering Reduced-Risk Pest Management for Sacramento’s Hmong and Iu Mien Farms by Increasing Adoption of Integrated Pest Management, Improving Pesticide Efficiency and Safety, and Building an Agricultural Support Network

UC Cooperative Extension, Yolo County

Margaret G. Lloyd
2020 Ag $298,746

Development of an Interactive Training Facility for California's Structural Pest Management Professionals

UC Cooperative Extension,
Alameda County

Andrew M Sutherland
2020 Urban $91,563

Expanding IPM Adoption Among Affordable Housing Providers

Regional Asthma Management & Prevention

Anne Kelsey Lamb
2019 Urban $172,500

Dissemination and Training for Citrus Spray Application Expert System Adoption in California

UC ANR (Agriculture & Natural Resources)

Peter Ako Larbi
2019 Ag $194,591

Increasing Adoption of IPM Practices that Use Beneficial Birds as Pest Control and Manage Pest Birds in Crop Production

Wild Farm Alliance

Jo Ann Baumgartner
2018 Ag $112,513

BMPs for Non-Herbicide Approaches to Invasive Plant Management in Wildlands

California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC)

Jutta Burger
2018 Wildlands $194,765

Bed Bug IPM Education to Support Multi-unit Housing

University of California Cooperative Extension – Alameda County

Andrew Sutherland
2018 Urban $59,593

Restricted Pesticide Use Notification Near Schools
Agricultural Commissioner's Office, Monterey County

Heather Healy
2017 Urban/Ag $94,240

Training California's pesticide applicators to reduce drift near schools
Central Sierra Cooperative Extension (UC ANR)

Lynn Wunderlich
2017 Urban/Ag $218,896

California Alliance for Tamarisk Biocontrol

UC, Santa Barbara Marine Science Institute

Thomas Dudley
2016 Wildlands $188,043

Demonstration and Implementation of IPM in Almonds

UC Cooperative Extension, Kern County

David Haviland
2016 Ag $203,646

Completing the knowledge cycle: Deriving IPM knowledge directly from practitioners on working landscapes

UC, Davis

Elise Gornish
2015 Wildlands $199,414

Area-wide integrated pest management program for Virginia creeper leafhoppers (Erythroneura ziczac) in North Coast vineyards

UC, Berkeley

Kent Daane
2015 Ag $191,038

IPM Focus on Multi-Unit Housing


Geoff Brosseau
2014 Urban $199,927

Developing an IPM Program to Reduce the Exposure to Pesticides for Young Children in Family Child Care Homes in California

UC San Francisco

Abbey Alkon
2014 Urban $179,973

Facilitation of the Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation Pre-Plant Soil Treatment, PDF (329 kb)

Farm Fuel Inc.

Stefanie Bourcier
2013 Ag $247,850

Field Edge Plantings for Pesticide Reduction and Enhanced Biodiversity on Farmlands, PDF (278 kb)

UC Cooperative

Rachael Long
2013 Ag $123,015

IPM Training Resources for California Pest Management Professionals Working in Early Care & Education Facilities

UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

Asa Bradman
2012-2015 Urban $200,481

Expanding IPM Education to Southern California Spanish-speaking Landscapers

UC Cooperative Extension, Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Janet Hartin
2012 Urban $124,611

Got Ants? Outreach to Reduce Risks from Pyrethroids to the Environment & Water Quality

Association of Bay Area Governments, San Francisco Estuary Partnership Division

Athena Honore
2011 Urban $200,000

Green Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting: A Toolkit for Early Care & Education

UC San Francisco

Victoria Leonard
2011 Urban $199,966

Pesticide-Free Park & Demonstration Gardens at Guadalupe River Park

City of San Jose

James Downing,
Sanhita Ghosal &
Sandra Freitas
2010 Urban $200,000

IPM Advocates for Retail Stores

Bay Area Stormwater
Management Agencies
Association (BASMAA)

Geoff Brosseau
2010 Urban $170,000

Healthy Homes Alliance

Physicians for Social
Responsibility, Los Angeles

Martha Dina Arguello
2009 Ag $200,000

Demonstration & Implementation of IPM in Bedding & Container Color Plant Production

UC Davis

Michael Parrella
2009 Ag $139,000

IPM Continuing Education for Maintenance Gardeners

San Luis Obispo County Ag
Commissioner's Office

Tamara Kleemann
2009 Urban $61,000

Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems (BIOS) for Canning Peaches

UC Riverside

Marshall Johnson
2008 Ag $195,000

IPM Curriculum for Urban Child Care Programs

UC San Francisco

Abbey Alkon
2008 Urban $215,000

Management of Pesticide Runoff in San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta & San Joaquin County Waterways

San Joaquin Co. Resource
Conservation District

Mike Wackman
2008 Urban $175,000

Almond PMA II

Community Alliance with
Family Farmers (CAFF)

Marcia Gibbs
2007 Ag $217,860

California Grape Alliance

California Sustainable
Winegrowing Alliance

Joe Browde
2007 Ag $183,640

Urban Pest Ant Management

UC Riverside

Michael Rust
2007 Urban $183,488

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