Funded Pest Management Research Grants (2013 - present)

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Funded pest management research grants
Link to Project Summary Organization/Project Lead Award Year Project Type Award Amount
Can the Sterile Insect Technique Provide an Alternative to Pesticides for Controlling the Spread of a Major Pest of Citrus, the Asian Citrus Psyllid, in California? UC Riverside

Dr. Paul Rugman-Jones
2023 Ag $567,775
Reducing Current and Future Fungicide Use in California Crops by Providing Decision Support and Rotation Tools for Managing the Emerging, Highly Damaging Fusarium falciforme Pathosystem UC Davis

Dr. Cassandra Swett
2023 Ag $598,497
Canine Detection of Invasive Vine Mealybugs and Leafroll Virus (GLRaV-3) in California Vineyards Lodi Winegrape Commission

Dr. Stephanie Bolton
2023 Ag $428,118
Formulation and Field Testing of RNA-based Biological Control Product for Grapevine Powdery Mildew UC Berkeley

Dr. Mary Wildermuth
2023 Ag $465,422
Controlling Grape Pierce’s Disease and Citrus HLB and their Transmission Vectors Using a Stable Plant-Derived Antimicrobial Peptide UC Riverside

Dr. Hailing Jin
2023 Ag $276,736
Development of an Automatic Nozzle Selector for Increased Productivity and Reduced Operator Exposure to Pesticides UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dr. Peter Larbi
2023 Ag $345,919
Soil Suppressiveness Against Root Lesion Nematode, Pratylenchus vulnus, One of the Key Foes of Almond Production UC Riverside

Dr. Andreas Westphal
2023 Ag $562,673
Effects of Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) on Argentine Ants and the Development of Effective IGR Baiting Systems for Sugar-Feeding Pest Ants UC Riverside

Dr. Dong-Hwan Choe
2022 Ag $269,178
Development of an In-Wood Baiting System for Western Drywood Termites UC Riverside

Dr. Dong-Hwan Choe
2022 Urban $274,655
Novel Precision Technologies to Reduce Insecticide Use Targeting Aphids and Thrips in Lettuce UC Davis

Dr. Ian Grettenberger
2022 Ag $328,058
Developing an IPM Approach for Management of Tadpole Shrimp in Rice UC Davis

Dr. Ian Grettenberger
2022 Ag $277,835
Receptor Interference: A Novel IPM Technology for Managing Key Insect Pests of Vegetables in California United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service

Dr. Daniel Hasegawa
2022 Ag $335,878
Fatal Attraction: Area-wide Control of South American Palm Weevil Using Attract-and-Kill Technology UC Riverside

Dr. Mark Hoddle
2022 Ag/Urban $1,060,130
Using Entrapping Surfaces to Augment Non-chemical IPM Approaches to Bed Bug Control UC Irvine

Dr. Catherine Loudon
2022 Urban $486,264
Decision Support Systems to Reduce Fungicide Applications in Pistachio Orchards UC Davis

Dr. Themis Michailides
2022 Ag $241,292
Biting Mites in California’s Homes and Other Structures – Assessing the Problem and Building Capacity for Institutional Outreach and Intervention UC Cooperative Extension – Alameda County

Dr. Andrew Sutherland
2022 Urban $165,721
Developing Best Management Practices for the Control of Diseases in Vegetable Transplant Greenhouses UC Davis

Johanna Del Castillo
2021 Ag $87,983
Evaluation of an artificial sweetener as a potential bait toxicant and an insecticide synergist against German cockroaches, an important indoor pest of public health UC Riverside

Dr. Chow-Yang Lee
2021 Urban $110,938
Enhancing Virus Control in Lettuce and Melons by Optimizing Immunity Priming Approaches UC Riverside

Kerry Mauck
2021 Urban $216,967
Research toward the potential of reducing soil fumigation in California’s seedless watermelon using grafting and Trichoderma-containing biologics. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Zheng Wang
2021 Urban $109,055
First investigations into the biology and management of an invasive cockroach species UC Cooperative Extension – Alameda County

Andrew Sutherland
2020 Urban $56,913
Efficacy of Alternatives to Pyrethroids and Neonicotinoids for Aphid Management in Lettuce UC Cooperative Extension – Monterey County

Alejandro Del Pozo
2019 Ag $87,328
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Pest Preventive Design Elements Incorporated into 3,495 Affordable Housing Units in San Francisco Integrated Pest Management Green Purchasing, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Chris Geiger
2019 Urban $160,651
Develop biological control solutions for the management of canker diseases in the fruit and nut crops UC Davis

Florent Trouillas
2019 Ag $197,202
Reducing pesticide use in citrus by capitalizing on previously-unrecognized innate resistance in mandarin species UC Davis

Jay Rosenheim
2018 Ag $240,000
Reducing fumigant use in processing tomato by enabling use of resistant cultivars to manage Fusarium diseases UC Davis

Cassandra Swett
2018 Ag $70,000
Reducing risks associated with fumigation by improving current heat treatment and localized treatment technologies UC Riverside

Dong Hwan Choe
2018 Urban $194,316
To spray or not to spray? Using small cheap IR sensors to automate pest ant counts UC Riverside

Mark Hoddle
2018 Ag $413,232
Reducing pesticide risk by using drones to enhance performance of biological control UC Davis

Christian Nansen
2018 Ag $161,443
Alternatives to soil fumigants in California's fresh market carrot production UC Riverside

Jörn Becker
2017 Ag $185,255
Utility of Brassica crops for nematode suppression by biofumigation and co-cropping in walnut orchards UC Riverside

Andreas Westphal
2017 Ag $256,425
New Fruit Fly Attractants to Reduce Pesticide use in Eradication Programs USDA

Spencer Walse
2017 Ag $75,000
Development of site-specific management of soil pests using molecular quantification, remote sensing, and field scouting UC Riverside

Alex Putman
2017 Ag $485,314
Optimizing Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Management of Prunus Replant Problems USDA

Greg Browne
2016 Ag $230,000
Improved Management of Alfalfa Weevil in California Alfalfa to Facilitate Water Quality Protection and Sustainability UC Davis

Larry Godfrey
2016 Ag $280,646
Rapid detection and damage threshold analysis - decision making tools for nematode management in carrots UC Davis

Amanda Hodson
2016 Ag $236,845
Further research on the potential for soil fumigant use reduction in CA using grafted tomatoes UCANR

Brenna Aegerter
2016 Ag $106,332
Suppression of plant-parasitic nematodes with digestates from anaerobic fermenters UC Riverside

Andreas Westphal
2016 Ag $243,196
Integrating Plant Horticulture and Soilborne Disease Control by Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Strawberries UC Cooperative Extension, Santa Cruz

Mark Bolda
2015 Ag $167,621
Integrated Approaches to Replace Methyl Bromide in Strawberry Production: Strategies for Soilborne Disease Management UC Davis

Krishna Subbarao
2015 Ag $400,000
Evaluation of Alternatives to Soil Fumigants and Diallyl Disulfide for the Management of White Rot in Allium Crops UC Davis

Rob Wilson
2015 Ag $107,577
Enhancing Biological Control of Citrus Pests with Improved Ant Control Technologies UC Riverside

Dong Hwan Choe
2015 Ag $424,802
Optimizing Solarization-Based Technologies as Sustainable Alternatives to Soil Fumigation UC Regents ANR

James Stapleton
2014 Ag $299,992
Development of a Mobile Steam Applicator to Replace Fumigants for Strawberry UC Davis

Steven Fennimore
2014 Ag $294,612
Improving Efficacy of Biologically Mediated Soilborne Disease Management in Strawberry by the Use of Reduced Rate Fumigations The California Strawberry Commission

Dan Legard
2014 Ag $298,472
Determining the Impacts of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes and Soil Fumigation on Pistachio Growth UC Cooperative Extension, Merced

David Doll
2014 Ag $74,384
Managing Nematode Parasitism and Prunus Replant Disease with Spot Fumigation and Rootstocks UC Cooperative Extension, Merced

David Doll
2014 Ag $108,433
Integrated pesticide reduction strategies for insect and disease management in cole crops UC Santa Cruz

Carol Shennan
2013 Ag $399,304
Methyl bromide alternatives for strawberry nurseries UC Davis

Lynn Epstein
2013 Ag $153,289
Reduced risk approaches to manage maggot pests in cole crops in the central coast UC Regents ANR

Shimat Villanassery Joseph
2013 Ag $302,542
Reducing dependence pre-plant soil fumigation in almond and stone fruit orchards USDA-ARS

Greg Browne
2013 Ag $130,578

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