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The 2002 IPM Innovators Awards

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The 2002 Awardees are:

City of Santa Cruz

An IPM Program was first established by the City Council in 1998. An IPM Coordinator supervises reduced-risk pest management in the City’s Departments of Water, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works. Since the program began, herbicide use on city property has dropped by more than 85 percent, fungicide use by more than 50 percent, insecticide use by 99 percent, and rodenticide use by 67 percent. The City has held a variety of activities to train, demonstrate, and provide information to staff and public about IPM, particularly non- chemical control methods.

Media contact: Kirk Lenington, (831) 420-5364.

Clos du Bois Winery, Geyersville

With more than 1,000 acres of Alexander Valley vineyards, Clos du Bois undertook a labor–intensive campaign enlisting and training a local youth organization to help restore vegetation along vineyard stream banks. The plantings utilize carefully selected plants that are not attractive to insects that vector Pierce’s Disease. The plantings act as filters to help keep pesticide run-off from reaching the stream, help prevent erosion, and provide harborage for beneficial insects.

Media contact: Kelly Keagy, (707) 473-2314.

Kern High School District, Bakersfield

As the largest high school district in California, the District has developed a model school IPM program. The District trains employees in IPM and has adopted numerous strategies to reduce pesticide use risks and pesticide use. These practices include: pest monitoring, higher pest population treatment thresholds, enclosed bait stations, non-chemical controls and practices, and pesticide application methods that limit pesticide exposure. The District has partnered with the Self-Insured Schools of California’s (SISC) risk management program to provide ongoing training and education to their own district administrators and personnel as well as to other SISC–affiliated school districts.

Media contact: Mitchell Perez, (661) 827-3181.

Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC), Bakersfield

This joint powers authority administers property and liability self-insurance program for 129 public school districts in 13 counties. SISC promotes IPM and encourages its member school districts to be proactive with respect to the use of IPM in all their schools. Through a DPR Schools Pest Management Alliance project, along with other alliance members, SISC developed an IPM for schools training curriculum that they continue to use in their training activities. SISC holds annual IPM training seminars in several counties and also facilitates round table sessions on school IPM providing opportunities for school personnel to network and to share IPM strategies.

Media contact: Catherine Wilson Jones, (661) 636-4608.

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