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The 1995 IPM Innovators Awards

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The 1995 Awardees are:

The Napa County Resource Conservation District is a county-wide agency that excels in bringing together local growers, community groups, private citizens, and governmental agencies to work on problems they all share. In helping protect the natural resources within the county, the district and its allies promote pest management practices that reduce the use of pesticides and their movement in the environment. Contact: Ellie Insley, 707/252-4188.

The Magalia Nursery of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has succeeded in finding a solution to one of the most difficult problems facing agriculture: how to control soil pests without using fumigants such as methyl bromide. Magalia Nursery's system is specialized for producing forest trees and they have begun to share their innovative methods with the staff of other forest nurseries. Contact: Bill Krelle, 916/873-0400, or David Adams, 916/758-0306.

The Imperial County Whitefly Management Committee was organized in 1991 after a new strain of the sweet potato whitefly caused disastrous losses among many crops. They began research into trap crops, monitoring devices, new natural enemies, resistant varieties of crop plants, and the biology of the new pest. Contact: David Ritter, 619/339-4314.

The California Clean Growers' Association is a group of 150 farmers and other individuals who share information on family farming, soil health, and methods to minimize their reliance on pesticides. The group's farmers grow grapes, peaches, and nectarines. Members host research projects on their farms and participate in quarterly meetings, farm tours, and demonstration projects. They also help produce a newsletter, called Farmer to Farmer, that introduces their ideas to others in the agricultural community. Contact: Paul Buxman, 209/897-7547.

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