Pesticide Use Reporting and Analysis Publications

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  • Dormant Season Organophosphate Use in California Almonds, PDF (969 kb) (2004 report)
  • Pest Management Assessment for Almonds, PDF (52 kb) Reduced-Risk Alternatives to Dormant (2004 report)
  • Pesticide Use Report Loading and Error-Handling Processes, PDF (564 kb) (2002 report)
  • Data Quality of California's Pesticide Use Report. PDF (8 mb) (2001 report)
  • Pesticide Use Analysis and Trends from 1991 to 1996, PDF (1.4 mb) (1999 report)
  • A Computer Program to Identify Outliers in the Pesticide Use Report Database, PDF (1.7 mb) (1998 report)
  • An Analysis of Pesticide Use in California, 1991 1995 (1998 report)

Questions regarding the listed publications should be directed to Kim Steinmann at or at (916) 324-4156. For related publications, see our Pest Management list.