Pesticide Use Reporting - 2021 Summary Data

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DPR’s Pesticide Use Annual Report includes both short-term and long-term pesticide use trends. Use changes from one year to the next reflect short-term variability in pesticide use. Pesticide use is dependent on many factors that can vary unpredictably year over year, including drought conditions, weather, crop selection and other variables. DPR monitors pesticide use data for longer-term trends to inform actions to mitigate potential impacts to human health and the environment and to inform California’s transition to safer, more sustainable pest management. The table below highlights the 10-year trend line between 2012 and 2021 reflecting increased use of safer, more sustainable lower-toxicity pesticides such as biopesticides and oils (listed at the top of the table with green text) and decreased use in the other use categories (listed in red text).

Change in use from 2012 to 2021
Change in use from 2012 to 2021 Change in Pounds Applied Percentage Change Pounds Change in Acres Treated Percentage Change Acres
Biopesticides 3,331,017 77 2,849,208 51
Oils 8,924,618 31 894,606 22
Carcinogens -7,711,013 -17 -2,510,038 -27
Cholinesterase Inhibitors -1,601,732 -40 -1,657,085 -46
Fumigants -8,190,384 -18 -192,949 -47
Groundwater Contaminants -878,001 -81 -632,653 -74
Reproductive Toxins -8,810,333 -58 -1,649,250 -32
Toxic Air Contaminants -11,110,820 -22 -1,765,249 -49

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