Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR)

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California's pesticide use reporting program is recognized as the most comprehensive in the world. In 1990, California became the first state to require full reporting of agricultural pesticide use in response to demands for more realistic and comprehensive pesticide use data. Under the program, all agricultural pesticide use must be reported monthly to county agricultural commissioners, who in turn, report the data to DPR.

California has a broad legal definition of "agricultural use" so the reporting requirements include pesticide applications to parks, golf courses, cemeteries, rangeland, pastures, and along roadside and railroad rights-of-way. In addition, all postharvest pesticide treatments of agricultural commodities must be reported along with all pesticide treatments in poultry and fish production as well as some livestock applications. The primary exceptions to the reporting requirements are home-and-garden use and most industrial and institutional uses.

The Pesticide Use Report data can be accessed in three different ways

NOTE: DPR is currently reviewing CalPIP and the Pesticide Use Annual Summary Report to improve their utility and accessibility. Before accessing CalPIP or the Annual Reports, you may be directed to a short survey requesting your feedback. We greatly appreciate your input. After completing the questions, you will be taken to the page you requested.

1. California Pesticide Information Portal (CalPIP)

2. Pesticide Use Annual Summary Reports

DPR staff prepare annual data summaries, indexed by chemical or by commodity. The summaries include analyses of pesticide use trends and are available from 1989 to present. (Note: In 1989, full use reporting requirements were not in effect.)

Previous years reports are available, in PDF, to the public upon request. If you would like to request any of those reports, please email with your request.

Select a report from the following list:

  • 2018
  • 2017

3. Pesticide Use Report Data

Download Pesticide Use Annual Summary Report data, by year, from DPR's FTP site. Note that this data does not include any updates that may have occurred after the release of the Annual Summary Report. Zip files of data from 1970 through most recent available. Pesticide Use Reports data from 1970-1973 are PDFs of the original microfiche and have not been error-checked or made into tables.

Note: Some internet browsers have recently made changes that may cause errors when downloading, such as Chrome and Edge. We recommend using Firefox or IE if you encounter issues.

  • Downloadable GIS spatial data required to plot pesticide use by township and section
  • Download zip files of full years of pesticide use data
    • Guide, PDF (177 kb) to using PUR files, 2002 and later
    • Note: CDs of data from 1989 to date are also available. E-mail your request to Please specify the year or years you want and include a mailing address. There is no charge.
    • These updates include a number of additions and corrections to the data since they were first posted. These updates resulted in a 0.4 percent increase in the total number of records and a 0.05 percent decrease in the total pounds of AI in 2011, and a 0.7 percent increase in the number of records and a 0.4 percent increase in pounds of AI in 2012. The most important corrections were in the data fields site_loc_id, license_no, and grower_id. When the 2011 and 2012 data for these 3 fields were originally transmitted to DPR they were incorrectly left padded with zeros. These data have been changed.

Laws and Regulations

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