Illnesses and Injuries Related to Pesticide Exposure – 2015

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DPR scientists evaluate illnesses according to their potential relationship to exposure and record many data variables for each incident. The PISP database helps validate the effectiveness of exposure control measures and identifies areas where improvements are needed.

  • 2015 Summary Report, PDF (763 kb)
  • Complete Report, PDF (1.6 mb) – includes summary files below.

The following summary tables provide various breakdowns of illness and injury data associated with pesticide exposure in 2014.

Illnesses/Injuries Associated with Pesticide Exposure:

  • State and county totals, PDF (353 kb)
  • By type of illness and type of pesticide, PDF (102 kb)
  • By type of activity and type of exposure, PDF--> (110 kb)
  • By specific pesticide and type of illness, PDF--> (139 kb)
  • By occupational status and location of incident, PDF--> (108 kb)
  • By gender, age distribution, type of pesticide and type of use, PDF (110 kb)
  • Pesticide handlers (applicators, mixer/loaders, flaggers, etc.), PDF (134 kb)

Hospitalization and Disability:

  • Definitely or probably, PDF (92 kb) related to pesticide exposure
  • Possibly, PDF (89 kb) related to pesticide exposure

Agricultural Drift Cases:

  • By application site, PDF--> (74 kb)
  • By activity of the exposed person and by type of application equipment used, PDF (95 kb)

Agricultural Pesticide Residue Illness/Injuries:

  • Summary, 1982-2015, PDF (94 kb)
  • Field worker summarized by crop and illness type, PDF (75 kb)

Incidents in California Schools, PDF (74 kb), 2015

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