Active Ingredient: Carbaryl
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Risk Assessment Documents

Risk Characterization Documents (RCDs) estimate the nature and likelihood of adverse health effects in humans who may be exposed to pesticides.

Other Documents

  • June 2011 Chemical-Specific Exposure Monitoring Studies for Handlers of Carbaryl Product (PDF)
  • December 2008 Report on Ambient Air Monitoring For Methomyl and Carbaryl In Fresno, Tulare and Kings Counties during July and August 2007 (PDF)
    • Appendix A-E (PDF)
  • May 2006 Dermal Absorption of Carbaryl (PDF)
  • February 2006 Review of Carbaryl Airblast Exposure Monitoring and Sock Dosimetry Analytical Method Validation Studies, Registration Data Packages 210452 and 213826 (PDF)
  • February 2003 Identification of Exposure Scenarios for New Carbaryl Product (Data Package 197245) (PDF)
  • July 2002 Evaluation of Data Package 195138, Submitted by Aventis Cropscience, Residential Use of Carbaryl (PDF)
  • 1982 Helicopter Spray Trial with Sevin XLR (Carbaryl), Tulare County (PDF)
  • 1982 Helicopter Spray Trials with Carbaryl (PDF)
  • 1982 Summaries of Review of Pesticides Considered for Use in the Gypsy Moth Eradication Program in Santa Barbara County in 1982 (PDF)
  • 1981 Occupational Exposures During 1976 Through 1978 in California Associated with Exposure to Carbaryl and a Review of the Toxicology of This Pesticide (PDF)
Mitigation Documents
  • June 2016 Critical Uses of Carbaryl Within California (PDF)
  • August 2015 Mitigation Scoping Document (PDF)

Enforcement Letters

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