Active Ingredient: Dichlorvos (DDVP)
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Risk Characterization Documents (RCDs) estimate the nature and likelihood of adverse health effects in humans who may be exposed to pesticides.

Other Documents

  • March 2007 – Response to Request by AMVAC for an Exemption from Conducting the Air Monitoring Closet Study on DDVP - Registration Evaluation Package ID# 219483 (PDF)
  • May 2002 – Worksite Inspection of Sanfilippo Facility Associated with 28-MER-02 (PDF)
  • May 1999 – Dermal Absorption of Molinate, Napropamide, Permethrin, Dichlorvos, and Hydrogen Cyanamide in Rats (PDF)
  • June 1993 – DDVP: Metabolic Fate, Dermal Transport and Human Exposure Data (PDF)
  • November 1990 – Monitoring of Methyl Eugenol and DDVP in Fruit near Fruit Fly Reaps during a Pest Trapping Program (PDF)
  • January 1990 – Human Illnesses/Injuries Reported by Physicians in California invloving Indoor Exposure to Pesticides containing Chlorpyrifos, DDVP and/or Propoxur 1983 - 1986 (PDF)
  • October 1989 – The Environmental Monitoring of Methyl Eugenol, Naled and Dichlorvos during a Pest Trapping and Eradication Program (PDF)
  • July 1987 – Dissipation and Consequent Possible Dermal Exposure Hazards of DDVP and Propoxur on Horizontal Surfaces Following the Release of Insecticide with an Indoor Fogger (PDF)
  • July 1986 – Dissipation of Dislodgeable Foliar Residue for Chlorpyrifos and Dichlorvos Treated Lawn: Implication for Safe Reentry (PDF)
  • November 1984 - Dissipation of Dislodgeable Residue of Chlorpyrifos and DDVP on Turf (PDF)
  • October 1984 – Dissipation of DDVP and Propoxur Following the Release of an Indoor Fogger - A Preliminary Study (PDF)
  • January 1982 – Vapona (DDVP) Exposure Potential to Workers in Mushroom Houses in Ventura County, California in 1981 (PDF)
  • November 1981 – Pesticide-Related Occupational Illnesses and Injuries to Firemen in California as Reported by Physicians in 1980 (PDF)
  • October 1981 – Monitoring Residues of DDVP in Room Air and on Horizontal Surfaces following use of a Room Fogger (PDF)
  • December 2002 – Review of DDVP Product Labels for Compliance with the Mitigation Measure Stated in the Department's Mitigation Document for DDVP (PDF)
  • January 2002 – Mitigation Proposal for Reduction of Human Exposure (PDF)
  • February 1999 – DPR Moves to Cancel Registration of Pest Strips

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