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Risk Characterization Documents (RCDs) estimate the nature and likelihood of adverse health effects in humans who may be exposed to pesticides.

Other Documents

  • February 2002– Response to Resolution No. 5-01-074 – Holding Water Extension (PDF)
  • December 1999 – Significance of Dermal Dose Levels in Dermal Absorption Studies of Pesticides (PDF)
  • May 1999 – Dermal Absorption of Molinate, Napropamide, Permethrin, Dichlorovos, and Hydrogen Cyanamide in Rats (PDF)
  • February 1998 – Rice Pesticides Monitoring in the Sacramento Valley, 1995 (PDF)
  • November 1995 – Toxicity Monitoring in Rice Recirculating Systems (PDF)
  • January 1993 – Molinate Ambient Air Monitoring in Colusa County, May 1992 (PDF)
    • Appendices (PDF)
  • June 1992 – Evaluation of a Rice Herbicide Transport Model (PDF)
  • January 1992 – 1992 Rice Pesticide Programs (PDF)
  • January 1991 – Information of Rice Pesticides (PDF)
  • March 1988 – Sampling for Residues of Molinate and Thiobencarb in Well Water and Soil in the Central Valley (PDF)
  • April 1987 – Measurement and Computer Model Simulation of the Volatilization Flux of Molinate and Methyl Parathion From a Flooded Rice Field (PDF)
  • April 1984 – Environmental Fate of Selected Rice Herbicides (Thiobencarb and Molinate) Under Field Conditions (PDF)
  • December 1982 – A Study of the Dermal and Inhalation Exposure of Loaders, Pilots and Flaggers to Ordram in Colusa County in May 1981 (PDF)

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