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Methods of controlling employee exposures by modifying the source or reducing the quantity of contaminants released into the work environment.

Closed Systems

  • Evaluation of closed systems, PDF (HS-1849, 2003 report, 605 kb)
  • 2016 Suppliers, PDF (85 kb)

For companies/individuals seeking guidance on manufacturing their own non-commercial system, the following links provide such information:

Overview of Closed Systems Component and User Designs, PDF (156 kb)

Closed System Operation Instructions V1.0-2, PDF (745 kb)

Guidelines for Developing and Manufacturing a Closed System Compliant with the Requirements of Title 3 California Code of Regulations, PDF (176 kb)

Enclosed Cabs

  • Advisory on maintenance, PDF (August 2002, 166 kb)
  • Suppliers, PDF (January 2011, 889 kb)

Pesticide Safety Information Series - handouts on closed systems, enclosed cabs, water-soluble packaging

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