Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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Personal protective equipment is clothing (for example, gloves, rubber boots) or devices (for example, respirators, safety goggles) worn by workers to protect against hazardous environments.

Respiratory Protection Compliance Assistance

  • Respiratory Protection Regulations
  • Compliance Assistance
    • Respiratory protection program guidelines, HS-1513 Fillable Form, PDF, (HS-1513 Spanish, PDF) - compliance assistance for developing a written program.
    • Medical evaluation questionnaire. English, PDF, (Spanish, PDF).
    • Respirator regulation handout, PDF (January 2008), - developed by the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner's office.
    • Summary of Worker Safety and Protection Regulations, PDF - developed by the Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner's Office.
    • Voluntary respiratory provisions, PDF (February 2008) - Q&A handout
    • Compliance Documentation for Section 6739 (o)(5) End-of-Service Life - pesticide-specific directions from the respirator manufacturer.
    • Color Coding for NIOSH Approved Respirator Cartridges and Canisters, PDF - this list is not comprehensive. Always follow pesticide label instructions, regulations, and permit conditions when selecting respiratory protection.
  • Recommended Reading
    • Small Entity Compliance Guide, PDF - by the U.S. Dept. of Labor to assist in managing a respiratory protection program.
    • Respiratory Protection in the Workplace, A Practical Guide for Small-Business Employers, PDF (2005) by the California Department of Industrial Relations.

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