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Research Grants Program

The application period is now closed.

The Department of Pesticide Regulation's (DPR's) Pest Management Research Grants Program was established to prevent unanticipated impacts of pesticide use on public health and the environment by funding development of integrated pest management (IPM) systems. Voluntary adoption of IPM reduces potential impacts without the need for regulation by reducing use of high-risk pesticides. A goal of this grant program is to develop methods or practices to reduce pesticide associated risks of high regulatory concern and/or high-risk and which can be incorporated into an IPM system. Once the performance of such IPM programs has been established, interested organizations may wish to apply for a DPR Pest Management Alliance Grant, which can be used to demonstrate and promote adoption of the IPM programs.

Alliance Grants Program

The application period is now closed.

DPR promotes adoption and implementation of effective IPM systems that reduce risks from pesticide use to human health and the environment through collaboration (alliances) among commodity group representatives, growers, pest control advisors and businesses, university researchers, pesticide industry representatives, conservation agencies, and sustainability certification programs.

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