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Trip Date: September 22-24, 1999

Purpose: Monthly surface water monitoring for RIFA insecticides in Orange County. 

Personnel: Roger Sava, Johanna Walters and Dave Kim. 

9/22/99 Drive to Orange County with sampling supplies.

9/23/99 Collected Samples at the following Sites:

  1. Bolsa Chica Channel at Westminster Ave.
  2. East Garden Grove Channel at Gothard
  3. Bonita Creek at San Diego Creek
  4. San Diego Creek at Campus Dr.
  5. Central Irvine Channel (Hines’& El Modeno’s Drain)
  6. El Modeno Drain (Drain at Portola Pkwy. and Bee Canyon access road)
  7. Arroyo Trabuco at Oso Parkway (O’Neill Park)
  8. San Juan Creek at Stonehill Dr.

Nine liters were collected as grab samples at each of the above sites. Samples were split (Geotech® 10 port splitter) on site, water quality measurements were taken at each site except Bonita Creek. The Bonita Creek site was sampled from a culvert, a DO measurement would not be representative of the creek. The pH was not measured on site due to malfunctioning pH meter. We added a new site at a residential storm drain in West Cliff Park, Newport Beach. 

Marshburn Creek (Bordier’s Nursery Drain) and the West Cliff Park sites were not sampled due to lack of water.

GPS (non-corrected) readings were taken at all sampling sites.  The weather was overcast in the morning and clear and sunny in the afternoon.

9/24/99 Dave flew from Ontario to Sacramento at 6:30 am.  Roger and Johanna drove to Sacramento with samples. Aquatic toxicity samples were delivered to DFG at 2 pm. Chemistry samples were delivered to CDFA on Monday 9/27/99


DKim 10/5/99