Ground Water Protection Area Maps

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A Ground Water Protection Area (GWPA) is defined as an area of land that is vulnerable to the movement of pesticides to ground water according to either leaching or runoff processes. The table below provides links to maps for those counties that have one or more GWPAs. (Counties not listed have no GWPAs.)

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The following files are viewable in PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader program allows users to view the entire map and zoom in on any particular area of interest. To view the entire map from Adobe Acrobat, open the file and select the "fit in window" Fit in Window button button. Then use the "zoom" Zoom in and out button button to view areas of interest by clicking on the area to zoom in or dragging a particular window. The "pan" Dragging Button button can help you view different areas of the map without changing scale. (PDF file sizes range from 100 to 800 kb)

Legend: Yellow Yellow represents leaching GWPAs; blue Blue represents runoff GWPAs, and orange Orange indicates sections that have both runoff or leaching GWPAs.