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The law requires DPR to continuously evaluate pesticides after they are in use. DPR does this through its reevaluation program. Upon receipt of information indicating that use of a pesticide may have caused or is likely to cause an adverse effect to people or the environment, DPR is required to investigate. If based on that investigation, DPR finds that the pesticide has caused or may have caused a significant adverse effect, reevaluation is triggered. When a pesticide enters reevaluation, DPR reviews existing data and may require registrants to provide more data. The goal is to determine the extent of the potential hazard and to identify ways to reduce or eliminate problems.

Background Information

  • Registration Process - Before a pesticide can be registered (licensed) in California, it must be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). After receiving an application for registration, DPR must evaluate the product thoroughly under guidelines of the Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) to ensure that it is effective and will not harm human health or the environment when used according to label directions.

    DPR scientists must review the pesticide product label and scientific data and find it acceptable before the product can be registered. The product must be labeled properly and found suitable for its intended use. Pesticides that pass this scientific, legal and administrative process are granted registration that allows their distribution, sale and use.
  • Continuous Evaluation and Reevaluation - Overview, PDF (48 kb)
  • Reevaluation Regulations (3 CCR Sections 6220-6228)

Semiannual Reports Summarizing the Status of Reevaluations

DPR is required to produce a semiannual report summarizing the status of pesticides under reevaluation, or preliminary investigation for which factual or scientific information was received but no reevaluation was initiated.


List of Active and Completed Reevaluations

  • Active Reevaluations


  • Completed Reevaluations

    • Brodifacoum
    • Chlorpyrifos
    • Copper Antifoulant Paints
    • Diazinon
    • Pyrethroids
    • VOC Reformulation of certain liquid pesticide products to reduce volatile emissions

List of CA Notices to Concluded Reevaluations

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