Research Authorizations and Experimental Use Permits

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Research Authorizations

A Research Authorization (RA) is a permit required for experimental pesticide applications taking place in the state.

DPR recently redesigned its RA application and use report forms, including the addition of a few new data elements. The forms and instructions are below. Return the completed form to DPR by e-mail or postal mail using the address at the bottom of the instruction page. Consult the evaluation staff listed as the contact at the bottom of this page for any questions regarding the forms.

2013 RA Report forms:

Researchers closing out RAs conducted in 2013 should continue to use DPR's existing use report form PR-REG-028 (Rev. 1/01).

2014 RA forms:

Requests for authorization of research trials beginning January 1, 2014 MUST be submitted to DPR on the new RA application form PR-REG-027a (Est. 12/12) and, if needed, PR-REG-027b (Est. 12/12). DPR will only consider requests to conduct such trials when submitted using the new application form(s). Research authorization requests submitted to DPR in 2013, but not intended for initiation until 2014, must also be submitted on the new RA application form.

Experimental Use Permits

U.S. EPA issues experimental use permits (EUPs) that allow researchers to conduct field testing of an unregistered pesticide product, or unregistered use of a pesticide product, to gather additional data. In some cases, researchers may choose to register their federal EUP with DPR on a conditional basis instead of applying for an RA..

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