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Protecting the Air Fact Sheet (En Español)

Protecting the air we breathe is one of the highest priorities of the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). We focus not only on preventing health problems that can be caused by pesticide air toxins, but also on reducing pesticide emissions that contribute to air pollution.

Toxic air contaminants (TACs)

DPR evaluates pesticides in air and, in cooperation with scientific reviewers, determines potential health risks. If we identify a pesticide as a TAC, we work with other agencies if stricter controls are needed.

Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions

DPR tracks and reduces emissions from agricultural and structural pesticide products of these smog-producing compounds.

Air Monitoring Activities

DPR routinely conducts pesticide air monitoring studies throughout California. While, most of the DPR's Air Program activities focus on individual pesticides, some studies focus on multiple pesticides in selected communities.

Pesticide Air Monitoring Results Database

DPR maintains an Ambient Air Monitoring Results Database containing data from pesticide air monitoring studies conducted throughout California. DPR's Pesticide Air Monitoring Results Database was developed in 2018 to provide access to collected pesticide ambient air monitoring results in an easier to use format.

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