Air Monitoring Activities

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Most of the Department of Pesticide Regulation's (DPR's) air program activities focus on individual pesticides, but some projects focus on multiple pesticides in selected communities. DPR also monitors air, water, and other media when pesticides are applied by government agencies for exotic pests in residential areas.

  • DPR air monitoring network
    In 2011, DPR established a monitoring network to sample ambient air for multiple pesticides in multiple communities on a regular schedule, over several years.
  • Community Pesticide Monitoring
  • Air Monitoring Reports
    • Characterizing Emissions Rates (Flux)

      DPR requires specific data in order to effectively understand pesticide behavior. In an effort to obtain the most suitable data, DPR will only consider the data collection method and data types outlined in the following guidance documents.

  • Exotic pest projects
    Government agencies use pesticides to eradicate infestations of exotic pests. DPR monitors selected treatments to provide information on pesticide concentrations in air, water, and other media.

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