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The Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act established a set of data requirements for identifying and tracking potential and actual ground water contaminants. As required by the PCPA, registrants of agricultural use pesticides must provide DPR with chemistry and environmental fate data for the active ingredients in their pesticide products. DPR establishes threshold values, or special numeric values (SNV) in regulation to distinguish leaching pesticides from non-leaching pesticides. SNVs were established, for water solubility, soil adsorption, hydrolysis half-life, aerobic soil metabolism half-life, and anaerobic soil metabolism half-life. DPR has not yet established an SNV for terrestrial field dissipation data although it is collected and evaluated as part of the pesticide registration process. DPR's SNVs are equal to or more stringent than the values used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Pesticides that exceed the SNVs and have specified labeled uses will be placed on the Groundwater Protection List (3CCR section 6800[b]). DPR is required to sample for pesticides on this list to determine if they are present in ground water due to their legal agricultural uses.

Annual Status Reports

DPR is required to annually post the following information about agricultural use pesticides:
  • A list of pesticides with ground water protection data gaps.
  • The Groundwater Protection List.
  • The sales and use information for pesticides on the Groundwater Protection List.

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