Orange County Ground Water Protection Areas

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Locations of GWPAs can be accessed below in several formats. View the groundwater regulations and mitigation measures to understand and meet the requirements for the GWPAs.

Orange County GWPA map, PDF

Orange County shapefile, ZIP

The zip file includes eight files that comprise the shapefile. These files should be unzipped and remain together in a single directory. The shapefile may be opened with a GIS software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, or Google Earth.

List of GWPAs by Section (County, Meridian, Township, Range, Section [COMTRS])

The GWPAs became effective on May 27, 2004.

County Meridian Township Range Section and Condition.
COMTRS Conditions
30S03S09W27 Leaching
30S03S09W28 Leaching
30S03S09W32 Leaching
30S03S09W33 Leaching
30S03S09W34 Leaching
30S03S11W33 Leaching
30S03S11W34 Leaching
30S04S09W03 Leaching
30S04S09W04 Leaching
30S04S09W05 Leaching
30S04S09W07 Leaching
30S04S09W18 Leaching
30S04S10W01 Leaching
30S04S10W03 Leaching
30S04S10W04 Leaching
30S04S10W09 Leaching
30S04S10W14 Leaching
30S04S10W24 Leaching
30S04S10W25 Leaching
30S04S11W03 Leaching
30S04S11W04 Leaching
30S04S11W05 Leaching
30S04S11W14 Leaching
30S04S11W15 Leaching
30S04S11W16 Leaching
30S04S11W27 Leaching
30S05S10W08 Leaching
30S05S10W10 Leaching
30S05S10W15 Leaching
30S05S10W16 Leaching
30S05S10W21 Leaching
30S05S10W22 Leaching
30S05S10W27 Leaching
30S05S10W28 Leaching
30S05S10W32 Leaching
30S05S10W33 Leaching
30S05S11W18 Leaching
30S05S11W19 Leaching
30S05S11W30 Leaching
30S05S11W32 Leaching
30S05S11W33 Leaching
30S05S12W13 Leaching
30S05S12W24 Leaching
30S06S10W17 Leaching
30S06S10W24 Leaching
30S06S11W04 Leaching
30S06S11W09 Leaching
30S06S11W10 Leaching