Groundwater Protection Program

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DPR Groundwater Protection Program Video (YouTube)

Protecting Ground Water Fact Sheet (En Español)

DPR's Groundwater Protection Program evaluates and samples for pesticides to determine if they may contaminate groundwater, identifies areas sensitive to pesticide contamination and develops mitigation measures to prevent that movement. We also adopt regulations and do outreach to carry out those mitigation measures. The measures are designed to prevent continued movement to groundwater in contaminated areas and to prevent problems before they occur in other areas.

  • Program History
    Groundwater Protection Program mandates and activities.
  • Law: The Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act
    The Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act was enacted in 1985 to prevent the further contamination of groundwater used for drinking.
  • Regulations
    Groundwater protection regulations adopted by DPR.
  • Groundwater sampling
    Groundwater sampling data, studies, and reports.
  • Identifying potential pesticide contaminants
    How DPR identifies and samples groundwater for pesticides with the potential to contaminate groundwater.
  • Identifying and protecting Ground Water Protection Areas
    How DPR identifies and protects areas that are vulnerable to groundwater contamination from the agricultural use of pesticides.
  • Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act review process
    How DPR reviews agricultural pesticides detected in groundwater to determine if use can continue and, if so, under what conditions.
  • Publications
    Analytical methods, study protocols, monitoring and study reports, standard operating procedures, environmental fate reviews, program guidance, and mandated reports.

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