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Detection-Detail Table interface

This table lists the details for each reported detection by well and pesticide. Each detection will have a code for the status DPR has assigned to the detection and any memos or studies DPR has done in response to the report. It also lists all pesticides that have been reported in the well and the number of different samples that have shown pesticide residues.

Data Field Definition
RandLAT,RandLONG Assigned latitude/longitude based on the CMTRS. Not the actual well location.
CMTRS County-Township-Range-Section where the well is located. This system is based on the Public Lands Survey System.
COUNTY_NAME Name of the California county where the well is located.
WELL_KEY Unique identifying number assigned by DPR to each well.
NCHEM DPR's numerical code for the pesticide.
CHEM_NAME Name of the pesticide.
CONC The reported concentration in parts-per-billion (ppb).
RL The Reporting Limit (ppb) listed for the test in ppb.
WELL_TYPE Description of well type.
DEPTH Reported well depth. Not reported for most wells.
DTW Measured depth-to- water in feet. Not reported for most wells.
SDATE Date sample was taken.
RPT_YR The year the data was added to the WIDB.
STATUS, PDF (59 kb) Code indicating whether the report is confirmed by a second test or verified by an approved unequivocal analysis method.
NorP, PDF (59 kb) Code indicating if the source of a detection is under investigation (I), from non-point source pesticide use (N) or from a point source individual well contamination (P).
AGENCY Number Code for the agency doing the well sampling.
AGENCY_NAME Agency reporting the well sampling.
APFILE Study name for which the sampling was done. Usually assigned by DPR.
DPR_STAT, PDF (86 kb) Status of the detection as evaluated by DPR.
In GWPA? Does the detection fall within an existing Ground Water Protection Area.
DPR_Response The field study or memo done by DPR in response to the detection.
Unique_CHEMS_Detected Number of pesticides reported detected in the well.
Total CHEMS_Detected Number of times pesticides have been reported in the well.
All CHEMS Detected in this WELL List of pesticides reported in the well.
DNI Indicates a record containing a likely Data Error. Normally blank.
ADD_YEAR Year the detection was added to this table.

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