Annual Well Sampling Report

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The Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act (PCPA) requires DPR to maintain a statewide database of wells sampled for pesticides. Public agencies that sample wells for pesticides must submit these results to DPR in a timely manner. DPR's Well Inventory Database, established in 1983, includes the well number, well type, well location, chemical analyses performed, sample date, sample type (initial or confirmation), analysis date, sample concentration and minimum detection limit (in parts per billion), and laboratory information. Agencies also may send information about well construction or the source of the potential contamination. DPR uses this data to evaluate and guide our ground water protection monitoring and research activities. These data have been used by academic institutions, governmental agencies, and members of the public.

As required by law, DPR posts an annual report that includes statewide well sampling results collected by public agencies and describes the actions taken by DPR and the State Water Resources Control Board to prevent pesticides from migrating to the ground waters of the state.

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