Field Sampling Method (FS)
Standard Operating Procedures

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Air sampling

  • FSAI001.01, PDF (774 kb) Preparation of Air Sampling Tubes and Resin Jars. C. Ganapathy, 2003.
  • FSAI003.00, PDF (137 kb) Conducting a Trapping Efficiency Study for Air Monitoring using Standard in Solvent. C. Ganapathy, 2003.

Soil sampling

  • FSSO001.01, PDF (3.7 mb) Soil Bulk Density Determination Using the Eijkelkamp Soil Sampler. K. Richardson, 2014.
  • FSSO001.00, PDF (204 kb) Soil Bulk Density Determination. C. Garretson, 1999.
  • FSSO002.00, PDF (522 kb)Soil Sampling, Including Auger and Surface Soil Procedures. C. Garretson, 1999.
  • FSSO004.00, PDF (323 kb) Measuring Infiltration Rate with a Cornell Sprinkle Infiltrometer. H. Dietrich, 2005.

Water sampling

  • FSWA001.02, PDF (717 kb) Obtaining and Preserving Well Water Samples. C. Nordmark and J. M. Herrig, 2011.. Well Owner Permission Form, PDF (48 kb), Well Information Form, PDF (101 kb), DWR Well Data Form Instructions, PDF (92 kb), DWR Well Data Form, PDF (76 kb), Chain of Custody Form, PDF (120 kb).
  • FSWA002.00, PDF (58 kb) Conducting Surface Water Monitoring for Pesticides. K. Bennett, 1997.
  • FSWA003.01, PDF (36 kb) Equal-Width-Increment Sampling of Surface Waters. D. Jones, 1999.
  • FSWA004.00, PDF (97 kb) Instructions for Splitting Water and Rinsing the Geotech Dekaport Splitterand Splitting Equipment. C. Ganapathy, 1998.
  • FSWA005.00, PDF (PDF, 49 kb) Instructions for Rinsing Surface Water Sampling Containers. C. Garretson and C. Ganapathy, 1998.
  • FSWA006.02, PDF (202 kb) Planning, Conducting and Documenting Small-Scale Ground Water Monitoring Studies. M. Wong, 2013.
  • FSWA007.00, PDF (30 kb) Instructions for Preserving Water Samples Using Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). A. Bradley, and C. Ganapathy, 1998.
  • FSWA008.00, PDF (67 kb) Sampling for Surface Water Runoff in Agricultural Fields. F. Spurlock, 1999.
  • FSWA009.01, PDF (406 kb) Procedure for Determining Wadable Stream Discharge With Price Current Meters. A. Moncada, 2004.
  • FSWA010.00, PDF (514 kb) Instructions for Sampling Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Wadable Waters Using the Multi- habitat Method (Non-point Source). J. Bacey, 2003.
  • FSWA013.00, PDF (622 kb) Instructions for Sampling Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Wadable Waters Using the California Stream Bioassessment Procedure (Non-point Source). J. Bacey, 2003.
  • FSWA014.01, PDF (198 kb) Instructions for the Use of the Global FP101 and FP201 Flow Probe for Estimating Discharge in Wadable Streams. M. Goehring, 2008.
  • FSWA015.00, PDF (928 kb) Instructions for Sampling Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Wadeable Waters Using the Modified U.S. EPA EMAP Method. J. Bacey and A. Moncada, 2004.
  • FSWA016.00, PDF (242 kb) Procedure for Collecting Sediment for Pesticide Analysis. M. Mamola, 2005. Video

Other types of sampling

  • FSOT001.01, PDF (376 kb) Sampling Plants of Interest to Native Americans. Environmental Measurement Methods. R. Segawa, 1997.
  • FSOT002.01, PDF (212 kb) Instructions for the Calibration and Use of a Spherical Densiometer. A. Washburn, 2004.
  • FSOT003.00, PDF (223 kb) Determining Height and Slope using the Clino Master. J. Bacey, 2003.
  • FSOT004.00, PDF (157 kb) Using the Garmin GPSIII+ Unit. H. Imgrund, 2003.
  • FSOT005.00, PDF (64 kb) Mass Deposition Sampling Using Mass Deposition Sheets. J. Walters, 2003.
  • FSOT006.00, PDF (124 kb) Procedure for Sampling Foliage for Pesticide Residue. P. Gurusinghe, 2006.
  • FSOT007.00, PDF (227 kb) Procedure for Sampling Pesticide Application Equipment. R. Sava, 2008.
  • FSOT008.00, PDF (197 kb) Procedure for Collecting Samples of Totally Impermeable Film for Permeability Analysis.