Laboratory Method and Data Analysis (METH and DATA)
Standard Operating Procedures

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Method Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • METH001.00, PDF (211 kb) Soil Water Content Determination. C. Garretson, 1999.
  • METH002.00, PDF (131 kb) General Use of a Microtiter Plate ELISA Kit for the Determination of Diazinon in Water. J. Sullivan, 2007.
  • METH003.00, PDF (124 kb) General Use of a Magnetic Particle-Based ELISA Kit for the Determination of Chlorpyrifos in Water. J. Sullivan, 2007.
  • METH004.01, PDF (197 kb) Procedure for Determining Soil Particle Size Using the Hydrometer Method. Sartori, F. and D. Stills. 2013. Calculations Template, Excel (126 kb)
  • METH005.00, PDF (230 kb) Instructions for Calibration and Use of Total Organic Carbon (CD-85A) Instrument. A. Gunasekara, 2006.
  • METH006.00, PDF (48 kb) Calculating Pesticide Concentration in Dry and Wet Soil. R. Segawa, 2008.
  • METH007.00, PDF (171 kb) Bromide Analysis in Soil by Ion Selective Electrode. L. Pinera-Pasquino, 2008.
  • METH008.00, PDF (105 kb) Grinding Procedure for Sediment or Soil Samples. S. Lyon, 2009.
  • METH009.01, PDF (205 kb) Calculation of Pesticide Half-life from a Terrestrial Field Dissipation Study. R. Bergin, 2012
  • METH010.01, PDF (116 kb) Analysis of Whole Sample Suspended Sediments in Water. M. Ensminger, 2016.
  • METH011.00, PDF (438 kb) Water TOC Analysis Using the Shimadzu TOC-VCSN and ASI-V Autosampler. M. Ensminger, 2013.
  • METH012.00, PDF (957 kb) Procedure for Determining Soil Particle Density Using Gay-Lussac Specific-Gravity Bottles. A. Tuli, 2015.
  • METH013.00, PDF (174 kb) Sediment TOC analysis using Shimadzu TOC-Vcsn and SSM-5000A. Korena L. Goodell. 2016.
  • METH014.00, PDF (938 kb) Ambient Urban Monitoring Methodology for Surface Water Protection. M. Ensminger, 2017.
  • METH015.00, PDF (803 kb) Measuring Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity with Constant Water Head Using an Eijkelkamp Laboratory-Permeameter. A. Tuli, 2018.
  • DATA001.00, PDF (2.7 mb) Process for Reporting Ambient Monitoring Data and for Uploading Data into the Surface Water Database. Mike Ensminger. March 19, 2015.