Final Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) Evaluation Reports and Determinations

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The following final TAC evaluation reports have been reviewed and determined to be scientifically sound by the Scientific Review Panel. Once the Director of DPR concludes a candidate pesticide meets the criteria to be declared a TAC, the documentation will be posted here. The law also requires DPR to list TACs in the California Code of Regulations, under the rulemaking process.

  • Chloropicrin (Final report date: February 2010)
  • DEF, S,S,S–tributylphosphorotrithioate (Final report date: June 1999)
  • Endosulfan (Final report date: August 2008)
  • Ethyl parathion (Final report date: June 1988)
  • Methidathion (Final report date: May 2007)
  • Methyl isothiocyanate (Final report date: August 2002)
  • Methyl parathion (Final report date: October 1999)
  • Sulfuryl fluoride (Final report date: September 2006)

State law requires DPR to designate pesticides that are federal hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) as TACs, without going through the process described above. DPR has completed risk assessments for the following HAP-TACs: