Regulatory Documents and Activities

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The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has regulatory requirements to control impacts of chloropicrin in air from volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and has developed measures to control toxic exposure




Metam Sodium and Methyl Isothiocyanate (MITC)


  • DPR Regulation 07-003, PDF (12 kb) Designation of methidathion as a toxic air contaminant (filed with the Secretary of State 3/13/08; Effective 4/12/08)

Methyl Bromide

Methyl Bromide Regulations

Methyl Iodide

Methyl Parathion

  • Toxic Air Contaminant, PDF (5 kb) Designates the pesticide chemical methyl parathion as a toxic air contaminant pursuant to Food and Agricultural Code section 14023. (Approved 8/30/00; Effective 9/29/00)

Sulfuryl Fluoride

Other Pesticides

  • Toxic Air Contaminants, PDF (7 kb) The action designates the pesticide chemical methyl isothiocyanate (MITC) and other pesticides that generate MITC as toxic air contaminants (TACs) in subsection (a) pursuant to Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) section 14023. This action also adds three pesticide chemicals to subsection (b) of section 6860 pursuant to FAC section 14021: carbon disulfide-generating pesticides, 10 10' oxybisphenoxyarsine, and phosphine and phosphine-generating pesticides. (Approved 8/30/00; Effective 9/29/00)