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These projects were funded by contracts with the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The statements and conclusions in these reports are those of the contractors and not necessarily those of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. The mention of commercial products, their source, or their use in connection with material reported herein is not to be construed as actual or implied endorsement of such products.

Contract Number Contract Description
17-C0100 Removal of Pesticides from Agricultural Runoff in Bioreactors: A field and laboratory assessment of removal rates, mechanisms and enhanced design strategies. Heather Bischel and Tom Young, UC Davis, May 2018-April 2020. Workplan (PDF 898 kb).

Contract Manager: Aniela Burant

16-C0102 Modify the Tembladero treatment system to incorporate additional processing steps that specifically treat neonicotinoids and other water soluble contaminants. Ron Tjeerdema, UC Davis, April 2017-June 2019. Workplan (PDF 878 kb).

ProgreReportss , PDF (53 kb)

Contract Manager: Xin Deng

16-C0085 Isolate, characterize, and test microbes to degrade pesticides in woodchip bioreactors. Arlene Haffa, CSU Monterey Bay. Workplan (PDF 974 kb).

Contract Manager: Xin Deng

FY16-17 Year End Report, PDF (190 kb)

16-C0084 Develop novel molecular biomarkers that can evaluate the impact of chlorantraniliprole and imidacloprid exposures in aquatic invertebrates and fish. Simone Hasenbein UC Davis, Erika Holland CSU Long Beach. Jan 1, 2017- Dec 31, 2017. Workplan (PDF 2.7 mb).

Contract Manager: Xin Deng

Status Report July 2017, PDF (211 kb)

16-C0051 California Department of Fish & Wildlife will analyze surface water and sediment samples for pyrethroids and fipronils. Workplan (PDF 351 kb).

Contract Manager: Robert Budd

15-C0104 California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) shall analyze surface water, sediment samples, and Continuous Low Level Aquatic Monitoring (CLAM) discs for pesticide residue. May 2016-April 2018. Workplan (PDF 55 kb).

Contract Manager:Xin Deng

15-C0087 Development of a sunlight-driven, activated carbon-based electrolysis system for the passive remediation of pesticide-impacted drainage channels. Workplan (PDF 1.1 mb).

Contract Manager: Dan Wang

Final Report, PDF (348 kb)

15-C0081 Understanding Sources and Transport of Fipronil in Urban Environments. Jay Gan, UC Riverside, March 21, 2016 - June 30, 2018 Workplan (PDF 639 kb)

Contract Manager: Yuzhou Luo

15-C0056 Training Pesticide Control Operators (PCOs) and PCO Companies in Urban Pyrethroid Applications. Loren Oki and Karey Windbiel-Rojas, UC Davis. Feb 1, 2016–Dec. 31, 2018. Workplan (PDF 654 kb)

Workshop Agenda PDF (91 kb)

Meeting survey PDF (166 kb)

First Annual Report. (1.9 mb)

Contract Manager: Mike Ensminger

15-C0055 Develop statistical methodology to estimate pesticide concentration and produce novel statistical data analysis tools to support DPR's applications. Alexander Aue, UC Davis. Oct 1, 2015–July 31, 2018. Workplan (PDF 1 mb)

Contract Manager: Dan Wang

15-C0003 Flow and sample collection of urban runoff monitoring data in southern California. Darren Haver. July 2015–June 2017. Workplan (PDF 469 kb)

Contract Manager: Robert Budd

14-C0103 Develop, validate, and demonstrate analytical methods to quantify the concentrations of a target list of pesticides in municipal wastewater influent and effluent and scan for the presence of other pesticides and adjuvants. Tom Young, UC Davis. May 2015–April 2017. Workplan (PDF 300 kb)

Amendment, PDF (35 kb)

Contract Manager: Jennifer Teerlink

Final Report, PDF (1.1 mb)

14-C0102 Effects of Application Methods on Fipronil Runoff Potential and Ant Control Efficacy. Les Greenberg et al. UC Riverside. May 2015-April. 2017. Workplan (PDF 794 kb).

Contract Manager: Mike Ensminger

Year End Report, PDF (192 kb)

Presentation 113, PDF (772 kb)

Final Report, PDF (488 kb)

14-C0029 Pyrethroids in Urban Stream Sediments: System modeling, Recovery rates, and Sampling Strategies Thomas M. Young and Fabian A. Bombardelli. UC Davis. Nov 17, 2014-Sept 30, 2017. Workplan (PDF 620 kb).

Contract Manager: Yuzhou Luo

Amendment 2016, PDF (351 kb)

14-C0012 Evaluate the Effectiveness of Shredded Plastics in Mitigation Pesticide Runoff in Surface Water. Ron Tjeerdema. UC Davis. July 2014-Dec. 2015. Workplan (PDF 2.4 mb).

Contract Manager: Robert Budd

Final Report, PDF (380 kb)

13-C0062 Development of Passive Samplers for Ambient Monitoring of Pesticides in Water. Jay Gan, UC Riverside. Workplan (PDF 2.6 kb).

Contract Manager: April DaSilva

13-C0052 Northern California urban pesticide monitoring and mitigation. Loren Oki, UC Davis. Workplan (PDF 692 kb).

Amendment, PDF (620 kb) (Sept 30, 2016)

Amendment, PDF (433 kb) (March 31, 2018)

Projective objectives: 1) conduct surface water monitoring from storm drain outfalls and creeks; 2) install automated sampling equipment at the outfall of a constructed water quality treatment pond; 2) maintain flow meters and collect flow measurements from monitoring sites in Folsom, CA.

Contract Manager: Michael Ensminger

13-C0029 Laboratory and In-situ Assessment of Exposures of Aquatic Organisms in an Urban Environment in Northern California (Aug 2013 - June 2016). Swee Teh, UC Davis. Workplan (PDF 810 kb).

Contract Manager: Xin Deng

Progress Report, PDF (398.7 kb)

Final Report, PDF (579 kb)

Appendix to Final Report, PDF (375 kb)

13-C0024 96-Hour Water Column Toxicity Tests Using Hyalella Azteca or Ceriodaphnia Dubia. Swee Teh, UC Davis, July 2013-Dec. 2014. Amended to Sept. 2016. Amendment Workplan (PDF 150 kb)

Amendment PDF (229 kb) (June 30, 2019)

Contract Manager: Michael Ensminger

13-C0022 Assessment of Pesticide Mixtures of Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Permethrin, Chlorpyrifos on Aquatic Organisms. Sharon Lawler. UC Davis. July 2013-June 2014. Workplan (PDF 496 kb)

Contract Manager: Xin Deng

Final Report, PDF (757 kb)

Simone Hasenbein et al. 2015. A Long-term Assessment of Pesticide Mixture Effects on Aquatic Invertebrate communities. Environ Toxicol Chem 9999:1-15.

13-C0002 Source evaluation and mitigation of off-site movement of pesticides from residential homes Jay Gan, UC Riverside, July 2013 - April 2016. Workplan (PDF 634 kb)

Contract Manager: Yuzhou Luo

Progress Report 2014, PDF (321 kb)

Richards, J., Reif, R., Luo, Y., Gan, J. 2016. Distribution of pesticides in dust particles in urban environments.Environ. Pollution. 214: 640-647.

12-C0064 Support for the Stream Pollution Trends Monitoring Program. Dave Crane. May 2013 - April 2016. Workplan (PDF 324 kb)

Contract Manager: Robert Budd

11-C0115 Development of Passive Samplers for Pesticides in Surface Water (June 2012-14). Ron Tjeerdema, UC Davis. Workplan (PDF 1.4 mb).

Contract Manager: Robert Budd

Final Report, PDF (2.2 mb)
Appendix, PDF (540 kb)
Supplemental Information, PDF (142 kb)

11-C0111 Modifications to HYDRUS2/3D (June 2012-14). Workplan (PDF 511 kb).

Contract Manager: Yuzhou Luo

Progress Report 2014, PDF (128 kb)