Surface Water Protection Program

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DPR Surface Water Protection Program Video (YouTube)

Protecting Surface Water Fact Sheet (En Español)

The Department of Pesticide Regulation's (DPR) Surface Water Protection Program protects human health and the environment by preventing pesticides from adversely affecting our surface waters, by addressing both agricultural and nonagricultural sources of pesticide residues in surface waters. It has preventive and response components that reduce the presence of pesticides in surface waters.

The preventive component includes local outreach to promote management practices that reduce pesticide runoff. Prevention also relies on DPR's registration process in which potential adverse effects to surface water quality, particularly those in high risk situations, are evaluated. The response component includes mitigation options to meet water quality goals, recognizing the value of self-regulating efforts to reduce pesticides in surface water as well as regulatory authorities of DPR, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB).

  • Program Goal
    Program goal and description.
  • Publications
    Analytical methods, study protocols, monitoring and study reports, standard operating procedures, environmental fate reviews, and hazard assessments to aquatic organisms.
  • Management Agency Agreement
    Guidance documents detailing coordination and cooperation between DPR and State Water Resources Control Board.
  • Pesticide-Treated Seeds
    Information on departmental work on pesticide-treated seeds including public workshops and request for public comment
  • Regulatory Issues
    Product registration review process, regulations, and reevaluations to mitigate surface water contamination from pesticide uses.
  • Surface Water Models
    Models used for monitoring prioritization, product registration evaluation, and runoff management practices.
  • Surface Water Database
    Pesticide detections in surface water from environmental monitoring studies of various sources.
  • Contracts
    Surface water projects funded by contracts with DPR.
  • Resources
    Surface water and pesticide related resources.

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