Surface Water Protection Program
Policies on Pesticides in Surface Water

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  • Regulatory Policies
    • Analysis of Recent Chlorpyrifos Use and Surface Water Monitoring Data, PDF (599 kb)
    • Notice of Decision to Begin Reevaluation of Pesticide Products Containing Diazinon, PDF (26 kb)
    • Guidance for Diazinon Reevaluation Studies, PDF (314 kb)
    • US Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Final List for Registered Pesticides 2002, PDF (18 kb)
    • The Management Agency Agreement
    • The California Pesticide Management Plan vor Water Quality
    • Process for Responding to the Presence of Pesticides in Surface Water, PDF (71 kb)
  • Sampling Strategies and Policies
    • Assessment of Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Current-Use Pesticides in California, with Monitoring Recommendations, PDF (61 kb)
      • Appendix A, PDF (466 kb) Toxicity Assessment Details, Agricultural Use by County, High Use Regions and Monitoring Data, Detailed Assessment Results
      • Appendix B-1, PDF (1.8 mb) Agricultural Use by County
      • Appendix B-2, PDF (1.1 mb) Agricultural Use by County
      • Appendix C, PDF (747 kb) High Use Regions and Monitoring Data
      • Appendix D, PDF (453 kb) Detailed Assessment Results
  • Overview of Surface Water Monitoring Alternatives, PDF (181 kb)