Licensing Requirements for Field Fumigant Applications

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When licensed pest control business do field fumigations, the work must be supervised by an qualified applicator who has a special field fumigation license. The person acting in a supervisory capacity for a pest control business that conducts field fumigations must also obtain the special field fumigation license. No other DPR license types (that is, pilots, advisers, dealer designated agents, dealers, brokers and maintenance gardener pest control business) may conduct field fumigations.

To get a qualified applicator license (QAL) or certificate (QAC) in field fumigation subcategory O, applicators must pass the Laws and Regulations Exam and Field Fumigation Pest Control Subcategory Exam. The subcategory exam is the same for both QAL and QAC, as are renewal requirements (a minimum of 20 hours of approved continuing education relating to pest management and pesticides, including not less than four hours pertaining to pesticide laws and regulations).

Private applicators who do field fumigations are not required to hold the special license.

  • Forms to apply qualified applicator license or certificate
  • Fumigation study guide is available for purchase at the UC IPM website

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