California Notice 96-3

TO:        Economic Poison Registrants


This is a notice that the Department Of Pesticide Regulation
(DPR) has revised its decision-making process for
"nonsubstantive" changes submitted by pesticide registrants.  

The policy has been to route minor label amendments to the
appropriate scientific staff for a determination of their
substantiveness and any need to review or obtain data.

Decisions regarding submissions that are thought to be
"nonsubstantive" changes will now be made by the Supervisors
of Registration instead of the Evaluation Scientists.

The benefits to pesticide registrants and DPR will be that
fewer packages will have to be routed, turn around time will
be faster, and less of the evaluators' time will be spent on
low priority work.

If you have any questions about the policy or wish to comment
on it, you may call Ms. Regina Sarracino, Ombudsman, at
(916) 324-3939, or write to her at the above address.  


 Original Signed by                       3-8-96
_____________________________           ___________________
Barry Cortez, Chief                     Date    
Pesticide Registration Branch

cc:  Ms. Regina Sarracino