January 6, 1997                        California Notice 97-1
      TO:      Pesticide Registrants
      This is to announce a proposed change to the pesticide product
      registration renewals.  
      Currently each product registration is renewed on an annual basis
      with a $200 annual renewal fee.  A regulation is being proposed in
      order to change the current annual renewal to a two-year renewal,
      with a $400 biennial renewal fee for each product.  The proposal is
      that companies whose names begin with A-J will be renewed in
      even-numbered years and those whose names begin with K-Z will
      be renewed in odd-numbered years.
      It is anticipated that the proposed regulation will be available for
      public comment in the first quarter of 1997 and will outline further
      details of the conversion to the two-year renewal cycle.  The
      proposed regulation will be available at that time through the
      Internet www.cdpr.ca.gov or upon request from the Pesticide
      Registration Branch.      
      It is possible that the regulation will be in place by the last
      quarter of 1997, allowing the two-year renewal period for
      companies A-J to begin in 1998 and companies K-Z to begin 
      in 1999.  
      If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Regina Sarracino,
      Ombudsman, at (916) 324-3939.
      Barry Cortez, Chief
      Pesticide Registration Branch
      (916) 445-4377
      cc:   Ms. Regina Sarracino