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Revisions to Products

Company Name Changes

If a company changes its name but there is no change in ownership, the company must submit paperwork to reflect the new company name. There is no fee required for a change in company name when the company submits an Affidavit of No Change in Ownership (DPR-REG-009). Otherwise, a new product application fee is required.

Company Address Changes

The company is responsible to inform DPR of a company address change. A change in the primary address does not necessarily mean a change in address on the pesticide product label(s). The name and address on the pesticide product label may differ from that of the primary address. Companies who wish to update the address on pesticide product label(s) must submit the change as a label amendment (see Revisions to Products).

To submit a company address change (without a change to the product label), the company must submit a written letter requesting the change to the assigned Regulatory Scientist or the Licensing Unit at Pesticide Registration Branch, 1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95812-4015. Alternatively, a PDF of the signed letter may be submitted via e-mail to the assigned Regulatory Scientist or to the Licensing Unit at

Companies may also write in the company address change on their signed Application for Renewal (DPR-REG-090) (See Application Fees, Renewals, and Mill Assessment).

Company Ownership Changes

A certificate of registration (product license) in California cannot be transferred if there is a change of business ownership. A change in business ownership is the transfer of a U.S. EPA company number from one legal entity to another, even if the same company owns both entities. This applies to basic manufacturing companies and all supplemental distributor companies when the basic manufacturer changes ownership.

Products may be possessed and sold by a dealer/distributor for two years from the last date of registration. Persons who legally obtained the product during this time can continue to use the product indefinitely (provided no action has been taken by U.S. EPA or DPR that would affect existing stocks).

Product Transfers

A company may choose to sell one or more products to another company. This is sometimes referred to as a product transfer. The product transfer is specific and does not involve the sale or purchase of the company itself. Since a certificate of registration cannot be transferred in California, it is subject to registration as a new product.

Voluntary Cancellation of Pesticide Product Registration

A company may request to voluntarily cancel a pesticide product registration at any time during the calendar year. If a company chooses to voluntarily cancel a product at a time other than the renewal period, the company must submit a completed Request for Voluntary Cancellation of a Pesticide Product Registration (DPR-REG-033).

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