How E-mail Notification Works

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The Registration Tracking System consists of four major components, the latter three interfacing with e-mail notification:

  1. Mail Log - All incoming mail is entered into an Oracle database and those packages deemed to be registration submissions are logged into the Tracking System.
  2. Intake - Where the details of submissions are entered i.e., product name, use, registration type, chemical ingredients, specialist, etc. Certain data values are automatically drawn into the tracking database from the mail log database.
  3. Routing - Transactions are entered detailing the movement of and decisions made on submissions as they navigate the registration process.
  4. Registration Actions - Interim and final actions are entered at several points during the process. Notices, licenses, letters, are generated following these actions.

The tracking system is comprised of a series of transactions that provide an indexed history of every submission from when the department receives the submission until a final action is taken.

Each transaction and the data stored within generates and populates (based on data values) the e-mail received. The general idea behind this system is that the information is "pushed" directly to the interested party, opposed to having to look for the information online. An e-mail will be generated whenever an "event" happens. If no "registrant" e-mail address is submitted with the package and entered at intake, no e-mail will be generated. This gives a submitter the choice of whether or not to receive the updates. The registration specialist responsible for processing the submission will also receive the identical e-mail at the same time the transaction occurs.

Note: E-mail, like most correspondence generated by the Department, is releasable under the Public Records Act, California Government Code section 6250. Please refer to Public Records Request.

The intent and scope of this project has remained the same since early on in the development stage, being:

  1. To push real time submission tracking information directly to registrants (submitters) via e-mail, from the existing tracking system;
  2. Use the notification system to help educate less experienced registrants by pointing them to online resources describing California's pesticide registration process; and,
  3. Streamline stakeholder communications and transparency of the registration process.

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