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Active Ingredient-Based Team Assignments for New Products and Amendments

All new product registration and amendment applications received by the Pesticide Registration Branch (PRB) are assigned to a team based on the active ingredients (AIs) contained in the pesticide product.

  • To find AI assignments, visit DPR’s Chemical Ingredient Application. This tool enables users to search the chemical ingredient database by chemical name, chemical code, or Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number. The search function will display which team an AI is assigned to. This application also shows how many active and total (active and inactive) registrations are linked to an AI.
  • In addition, all AI team assignments can be seen at once using the Actively Registered Active Ingredients (AI) by Common Name.
  • For products containing multiple AIs with differing team assignments, view the Decision Tree and Example Scenarios resource linked below to determine the team assignment.


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Registration Teams Contacts

Other Registration Contacts

Ombudsman: Aron Lindgren (916) 324-3563

Active and Inert Ingredients: Chelsea Raycraft

Adverse Effects: Emily Hickey

Birth Defects Prevention Act (SB 950): Andrew Turcotte

Branch Chief: Tulio Macedo

Copper-Based Antifouling Paints (AFP): Taylor Whitehill

Databases: Chelsea Raycraft

Data Formatting / Indexing: Amy Duran

Data (Scientific Studies) Services: Tanja Lyons

Emergency Exemptions (Section 18): Morgan Thai

Exempt Products (Section 25b): Jolynn Mahmoudi-Haeri

Experimental Use Permits (EUP): John Inouye

Impregnated Materials: Aisha Iqbal and Francie Bishop

Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act (AB 2021): Andrew Turcotte

Product Label Requests from Government Agencies: Registration Resource Center (916) 324-0399

Legislation: Richard Spas

Licensing and Renewals: Amy Duran

New Active Ingredients: Steve Rhodes and Emily Hickey

Public Records Requests: Amy Duran

Reevaluations: Ann Prichard

Registration Managers: Ann Hanger, Shelley Lopez, and Francie Bishop

Registration Supervisors: Brittanie Clendenin, Jolynn Mahmoudi-Haeri, Russell Darling, and Richard Spas

Research Authorizations: Shengjun Lu

Registration Submission Routing and Tracking: Amy Duran

Risk Assessment : Brenna McNabb

Special Local Needs (Section 24C): John Inouye

Structural Pest Control Devices: Brenna McNabb

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Brenna McNabb