Reevaluation Program

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The law requires the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to continuously evaluate pesticides currently registered in California. One of the ways DPR completes this mandate is through the Reevaluation Program. Upon receipt of information indicating that use of a pesticide may have caused or is likely to cause an adverse effect to people or the environment, DPR is required to investigate. If based on that investigation, DPR finds that a significant adverse impact has occurred or is likely to occur, the pesticide shall be reevaluated. When a pesticide enters reevaluation, DPR reviews existing data and may require registrants to provide more data. The goal is to determine the significance of the adverse impact, and if needed, identify ways to reduce or eliminate the significant adverse impact.

Semiannual Reports Summarizing the Reevaluation Status of Pesticide Product

DPR produces a semiannual report summarizing the status of pesticides under reevaluation and any preliminary investigation for which factual or scientific information was received but no reevaluation was initiated.

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