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Once a pesticide product is registered with the Department of Pesticide Registration (DPR), a registrant can revise a product using three different methods provided certain criteria are met: (1) amendment; (2) notification; or, (3) non-notification. The California amendment and notification processes differ from those used by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In most cases, the applicant must first amend their product label with U.S. EPA before it can be submitted to DPR for acceptance.

All types of label and formulation revisions may be submitted to DPR through the amendment process, a limited number of revisions may be submitted through the notification of minor changes process, and a few revisions do not require any notification to DPR. For Alternate and Revised Formulations, a copy of the U.S. EPA Confidential Statement of Formula or a complete Product Formulation Information Sheet, PDF (236 kb) along with the application to Amend Pesticide Product or Notification of Minor Changes must be submitted. See Table comparing the amendment, notification, and non-notification process at DPR and U.S. EPA, PDF (106 kb) to determine the correct process for submission.

To amend your product, you will need to complete either an Application to Amend Pesticide Product or Notification of Minor Changes.


Label or formulation amendments requiring submission through the amendment process must be reviewed and accepted by DPR prior to release for shipment in California.

Notification of Minor Changes

Revising a label through California's notification process allows the registrant to release for shipment the revised product label/formulation once the notification is received by DPR. For this reason, revisions allowed through this process are limited. Read California Notice 2002-1 carefully and return the completed form and associated materials to DPR.


Read California Notice 2002-1 carefully, to determine whether your revision is required to be submitted to DPR.

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