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Home to Ocean Workbook

          The H20 Home to Ocean Workbook is available in PDF and PageMaker formats. It is divided into two sections, plus an appendix.
Section 1, Overall Planning and Training, includes six topics: an introduction, needs assessment, building a plan, basics of public education, gaining employee support and participation, and evaluation tools.
Section 2, Program Implementation, includes nine topics: media relations, advertising, partnership benefits, special events, speaker bureaus, point-of-sale programs, youth education, the Internet, and telephone hotlines.
The appendix includes information on working with ethnic populations, how to use collateral materials, camera-ready artwork, the executive summary of a POTW survey conducted for DPR, a case study of an effective outreach program, samples of media coverage on water quality issues, a resource guide, and an index.

(Note: You may download the entire workbook in PageMaker and PDF, or view and download by topic in PDF.)

Download the entire workbook in PDF Format (838 KB)
Download the entire workbook in PageMaker Format (1610 KB)
View and download by topic in PDF Format.
Workbook Cover Page (312 KB)

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