Lompoc Air Monitoring Project

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In 1997, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) formed the Lompoc Interagency Work Group to help investigate the Lompoc residents’ concerns about pesticide use as it relates to community health. DPR has sought answers to whether health symptoms in Lompoc are occurring at a high rate and if so, to determine whether pesticides may be the cause.

  • An Inventory of Pest Management Practices in the Lompoc Valley, Second Edition, August 1995, PM 95-02, PDF
  • Lompoc Pesticide Air Monitoring Fumigant Sampling and Analysis Plan (January, 2000)
    • Executive Summary
    • Full Report
    • Appendices A-U
  • Update on Lompoc
    • Pesticide Air Monitoring Phase 1 Results (June, 1999)

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