Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC)
Standard Operating Procedures

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control SOPs

  • QAQC001.00, PDF (399 kb) Chemistry Laboratory Quality Control. R. Segawa, 1995.
  • QAQC002.00, PDF (54 kb) Requests for Method Development and the Laboratory Specifications Form. C. Ganapathy, 2002.
  • QAQC003.02, PDF (355 kb) Sample Tracking Procedures. C. Ganapathy, 2005.
  • QAQC004.01, PDF (184 kb) Transporting, Packaging and Shipping Samples from the Field to the Warehouse or Laboratory. D. Jones, 1999.
  • QAQC005.01, PDF (91 kb) Preparation of Sample Containers for Ground Water Monitoring. J. M. Herrig, 2012.
  • QAQC006.00, PDF (52 kb) Procedure for Generating Rinse Blanks. C. Ganapathy, 1998.
  • QAQC007.00, PDF (29 kb) EHAP Warehouse Facility Sample Storage Temperatures, Storage Maintenance and Security. A. Fecko. 1999.
  • QAQC008.00, PDF (48 kb) Preparation of Blind Matrix Spikes. C. Ganapathy, 2005.
  • QAQC009.00, PDF (32 kb) Procedure for Preparing Background Matrix Water with Sediment. M. Ilic, 2006.
  • QAQC010.00, PDF (42 kb) Procedure for Collecting Background Water. B. Orlando, 2006.
  • QAQC011.01, PDF (56 kb) Preparation of a Field Blank Sample. K. Richardson, 2011.
  • QAQC012.00, PDF (703 kb) Guide for Analytical Method Development for Surface Water and Sediment Samples. J. Teerlink and A. DaSilva, 2017