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Standard Operating Procedures

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Administrative Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • ADMN001.00, PDF Preparing, Approving and Implementing Standard Operating Procedures. R. Segawa, 1995.
  • ADMN002.01, PDF Personnel Organization and Responsibilities for Studies. R. Segawa, 2003.
  • ADMN003.01, PDF Preparing and Approving Protocols. J. Dias. 2007.
  • ADMN004.00, PDF Reviewing Contract Laboratory Methods. R. Segawa, 1995.
  • ADMN005.00, PDF Archiving Study Data, Records, and other Documents. A. Bradley, 1996.
  • ADMN006.01, PDF Creating and Filling Out a Chain of Custody Record. C. Ganapathy, 2004.
  • ADMN007.00, PDF Preparing and Approving Study Memoranda and Reports. J. Dias, 2007.
  • ADMN008.00, PDF Methodology for Evaluating Pesticides for Surface Water Protection. Y. Luo, 2012.