Locations of Ground Water Protection Areas

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A ground water protection area (GWPA) is a one-square mile section of land that is sensitive to the movement of pesticides. GWPAs can be established if any of the following are true:

  • previous detections of pesticides in that section
  • contains coarse soils and depth to ground water < 70 feet
  • contains runoff-prone soils/hardpans and depth to ground water < 70 feet

Pesticide use is restricted in GWPAs; regulations and management practices differ depending on whether the GWPA is a leaching or runoff area. For more information on GWPA regulations and guidance, please see: Pesticide use regulations to protect ground water

Locations of GWPAs can be accessed in the following ways:

  • California Pesticide Information Portal (CalPIP)
    Use the interactive California Information Portal to locate GWPAs.
  • Ground water protection area lists
    Public Land Survey System designations and vulnerability types for GWPAs. Only counties that have GWPAs are listed.
  • Ground water protection area maps
    County maps showing the locations of GWPAs. The maps are presented in the viewable PDF format.
  • Ground water protection area shapefiles and KMZ files
    Downloadable shapefiles for those counties that have one or more GWPAs. In order to view a shapefile, you will need to have Geographic Information System (GIS) software that can display these GWPAs on a GIS map of the county. The KMZ file includes the GWPAs for the whole state. The KMZ file can be added to most web base mapping programs.

The GWPA boundaries are based on the Public Lands Survey System. The following links provide a map of the statewide Public Lands Survey System used by DPR and downloadable GIS shapefiles of the townships and sections.

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